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Stages of a
Mustard Plant

A tiny Mustard Seed is planted about 2 cm deep into the soil. Just a few months later it has grown into a flowering plant that is over 100cm tall! During this amazing journey, the seed goes through 4 different stages.

1 Seeding

  • Seeds are planted in the spring
  • Like moist but not too wet soil
  • Planted 3 to 4cm away from the next seed
Seeding stage Oriental Mustard Brown Mustard Yellow Mustard

2 Sprouting

  • A seek or two later the plant comes up through the soil
  • Roots grow over 1m deep into the soil to provide moisture
  • Farmers may use fertilizers or herbicides to help the seeds grow
Sprouting stage Oriental Mustard Brown Mustard Yellow Mustard

3 Flowering

  • Flower buds can be seen on the plant 6 weeks after sprouting
  • One week later the yellow blooms can be seen
  • The flowers will produce seeds in pods
  • Flowering plants need lots of water to keep producing seeds
Flowering stage

4 Harvesting

  • Mature mustard plants are ready for harvest
  • A machine called a combine is used to pick the pods containing the new seeds
Harvesting stage

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8 parts of a
mustard plant

Parts of the Mustard plant
primary root
secondary root

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Math Mania

1 If mustard plants need to be planted 22cm apart, how long would a row that has 10 mustard plants be?

A. 120cmIncorrect
C. 60cmIncorrect

2 A mature mustard plant is about 1m tall. Which of these objects is closest to the height of a mustard plant?

A. a doorIncorrect
B. a bookIncorrect

3 Mustard seeds are planted 2cm deep. How far below the surface would mature seeds be?

B. height of a drinking glassIncorrect
C. length of a penIncorrect

4 When cooking with mustard, what unit of measure would you use?

A. Kilometres (km)Incorrect
B. Centimetres (cm)Incorrect

5 If a farmer planted 5 rows of mustard with 100 plants in each row, how many plants would there be altogether?

B. 450Incorrect
C. 300Incorrect

6 If a mustard crop was coming out of the soil on May 15th and the flower buds emerge 6 weeks later, would you expect to see the flowers in:

B. JulyIncorrect
C. AugustIncorrect

Mustard makes a super condiment!

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Mustard is a must!

What does mustard go great with?